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Grasstravanganza 2014

Have you been wondering about the details of Grasstravaganza 2014, coming up in July?  Here’s a “sneak peek” of some of what you can expect!
On Thursday, July 17th, the conference will kick off with a local foods dinner for those staying overnight or local enough to attend.  Jim Gerrish will give a presentation after dinner called “Adventures in Grazingland”, in which he will share stories from his travels around the country and the world looking at different grazing strategies.  He will also share insights on the people and other customs from the places he has visited over the years.
Friday, July 18th begins the first full day of the conference, and Ray Archuleta, the NRCS “soil guy” will give an enthusiastic 2-part presentation in the morning.  “Show and Tell – Passion for Soil Health” is part 1 of Ray’s presentation, and he will explain the basic concepts of soil health, including demonstrations to show differences in soils that have had different management applied.  He will also cover other aspects of soil ecology, why no-till is beneficial, what happens when soil is disturbed, and how graziers can measure soil health. Part 2 of Ray’s talk, called “Nuts and Bolts of Soil Health Improvement” will cover the ways in which grazing and livestock can improve soils, especially those that have been degraded by years of row crops or other mis-management.  Case studies from farms and ranches that Ray has worked with will be shared as well as results of research that has been done with grazing and soil health.
The theme of the conference is “Pasture Soil Health Creates Wealth”, so please make plans now to attend and see how you can improve your bottom line!  More information and registration is available at



CCE and ADC create a Meat Producers in Chenango County Guide

The purpose of the Meat Producers Guide in Chenango County is to link consumers with meat producers in Chenango County, New York.  Many of the producers can arrange to sell freezer beef in bulk, such as quarters, halves, and whole animals to consumers; some can provide individual cuts.  Other types of meat are mentioned specifically.  A typical method of purchasing, but not the only method, is to pay the producer a given price per pound hanging carcass weight, and then pay the processor separately for butchering, cutting and wrapping.  Cornell Cooperative Extension does not endorse any given producer, but is merely sharing information given to us by the farmers/producers.  Arrangements for sale of meat producers are strictly between the consumer and producer.


Please feel free to check out the guide 


Game of Logging

The Game of Logging is coming to Chenango County. There will be three sessions, all of which will begin at 8:00a.m., and run till late afternoon, with a limit of 10 participants per session. The classes will be taught by Bill Lindloff of Game of Logging fame.
Level I Monday March 17 Cook Park in Greene (southern Chenango)
Level II Tuesday March 18 Cook Park in Greene (must have completed Level I) 
Level I  Wednesday March 19 Georgetown Fire Department, Georgetown and DEC Sate Lands (northern Chenango)
The cost is free, and normally costs about $125, and this time is being subsidized by the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health in Cooperstown, and administered by NYCAMH in collaboration with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chenango County, Chenango County's Cook Park, and the NYS DEC Lands and Forests of Sherburne.
To participate in The Game of Logging you must have a chainsaw, and appropriate OSHA approved safety gear, such as chaps, hardhat with face shield, and appropriate footwear, and be dressed for a long day in the March woods.
To register: contact Erika Scott soon, at 1-800-343-7527 ext. 285; these classes will fill up quickly!!
More details will be sent to participants before the events



Grow, Cook, Eat Looks For New Class Members

Grow, Cook, Eat is a great program if you are interested in growing your food, cooking simple, healthy recipes and money saving tips for the grocery store.  If you would like to participate in Grow, Cook, Eat this year please fill out the application here and send it in to Stacie Edick by March 7th.  



February 1

Join us for a professional development workshop focused on inquiry-based STEM instruction with a commitment to gender equality.  This workshop is based on the hit PBS series, SciGirls whose goal is to encourage girls to choose careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Educators will learn the latest research for exciting and engaging girls (and boys) in STEM; experience hands-on STEM activities; and gain access to free materials for hands-on, video-enhanced activities that put a creative twist on teaching STEM.

In this workshop educators will learn how to re-shape current lesson plans to engage a wide variety of learners using twenty-first century skills. Participants will learn to use media in the classroom and explore circuits using play dough and other hands-on science activities aligned to New York State Learning Standards.

Participants will be provided with a take-home curriculum developed by SciGirls content specialists.


      Who: Educators working with 4th-8th grade students

      When: February 1st  9 a.m- 3:30 p.m.  Lunch will be on your own.

      Where: Cornell Cooperative Extension Chenango County                         

                     99 N. Broad Street  Norwich, NY 13815

      Why: Learn new skills, network with peers and receive professional

                development credit as appropiate

      Questions? Contact Emily Jane Anderson 607-334-5841 ex. 17